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Artist and designer.

Tina Givens paints in watercolor and inks. Her characters and surface design are found on global products including stationery, gift items including glass, ceramics, textiles and sewing patterns. As a licensed artist Tina manages a small design team within her studio with far reach and daily contact with her licensors around the world. As a designer Tina crafts unique product ideas and packaging for a wide variety of products and clients. Designing apparel is a love from childhood and manages an amazing cottage industry within the Carolinas working with women crafting beautiful apparel and accessory collections which ship worldwide.

Tina's textile design encompasses her childhood Africa and multi cultural inspiration, while drawing from her everyday travels and life experiences. This website includes a pattern shop for those who can't find their favorite Tina pattern in their home town or online.

Bringing the textile and apparel design together has been a dream come true. A multi faceted artist with broad reach, Tina works at an amazing pace surrounding herself with talented people. Her work extends into many areas and the Raleigh studio buzzes each and every day with unique projects.

Tina's History

Growing up in Southern Africa, rich in African culture but within an environment of colonial English heritage and yet within an ethnic family of Mediterranean tradition ~ Tina Givens learned to cross mix cultures early on.

Migrating from Zimbabwe to Canada in the 1980s, college followed and travel. Years in a sales and marketing career, Tina eventually decided to follow her creative passion for art and textiles.

From an early age, Tina was a creative soul and painted, sketched and sewed everything she could. She made her own doll clothes as a young girl, then designed and made her own clothes and accessories. Always a free spirit, Tina always seemed to develop her creative signature and mood in everything.

Becoming a mother, Tina picked up the paint brushes and crafted a unique and classic stationery collection of gorgeous design and paper choice. She called the collection Cid Pear which launched at the New York National Stationery Show in 2004. Tina's beautiful signature collection of fine watercolor art including florals and amazing detailed characters and still life. Designing the collection with simplicity and quality papers, Tina successfully launched as a small manufacturer into a volatile and highly competitive industry. Cid Pear 'plonked' itself on the map as a solid paper manufacturer in direct competition with high profile names such as Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Anna Griffin and William Arthur.

Since Cid Pear's launch the industry it's grown to be a recognizable brand as sophisticated, whimsical and classic. Attention to detail through the print process has maintained Cid Pear's product line as a quality collection of paper products. As of January 2012, Cid Pear is now partnered with CR Gibson for the gift categories of stationery, desk accessories, table top products and so much more to come. Still managing the personalization and imprintables, the Cid Pear studio is as busy as ever processing wedding suites, party invites and birth announcements.

As an artist and textile designer Tina has been creating gorgeous apparel pieces, magnificent jewelry and lovely accessories including over sized bags in tapestry and vintage fabrics, and hats in straws and rich textiles ~ since she can remember! With a rich and eclectic history from Africa to North America, Tina's work is tainted with an English heritage yet with an ethnic and sometimes tribal aesthetic, while being romantic all at the same time. Always a dream, Tina recently launched her couture collection, Tina Givens Couture.

Her love for vintage textiles drives her accessories and jewelry, winter coats and hats. Her couture apparel is always in organic fibers including cotton, flax and silk. Comfort drives her clothing. Jewelry pieces are statement pieces whether in beautiful quartz, stones and pearls; or in vintage concoctions using old rosary chain, beads and special findings. Always peppered with a little raw magic, Tina creates from her heart and her hands.

You can find more about Tina's apparel and jewelry at tinagivenscouture.com. In the meantime this site is dedicated to her creative licensing world of stationery, sewing patterns and textiles. Tina is prolific and produces an amazing amount of art and design.



Licensing her art commercially, Tina follows a strategic plan of partnering with companies and organizations that allow her creative freedom, a close watch on the production process and category placement. Although Tina's art is adaptable and amazingly versatile with an extremely broad portfolio of art, from character illustration, deliciously detailed florals and graphic patterning ~ Tina seems to always carry a sophisticated, yet subtle quirkiness... take a longer look, you'll see what we mean.

Tina Givens' art has been exposed to several creative and innovative companies around the world. With an invitation to join, Tina is ecstatic to be designing and painting for for a wide range of products including fabrics, paper products, gift items in a variety of materials including glass and ceramics, holiday ornaments and more. Licensed partners include CR Gibson, Department 56 / Enesco, Westminster Fibers / Coats, Trends International, Interweave Publications, and more. Tina's sewing book SEW TINA! offers projects to make for children, and she's plotting out the next for adult sewing.


A great lover of life, with an enormous sense of humor, you'll always find Tina Givens laughing out loud with a wink and a nudge. Her father swears she could have been another Lucille Ball! Maybe in another life, but for now, in this life, Tina is driven to share her love of color, and art and creativity, and life, with all she can.

Please feel free to email Tina directly at tina (at) tinagivens.com, she'd be glad to hear from you. And for questions regarding licensing again, contact Tina directly or call us at 919.848.9400.


See sales representation below.



International Quilt Market


Houston Texas

Featuring new sewing patterns and fabrics including new DOVECOTE AND RIDDLES & RHYMES.

May 2014

International Quilt Market


Atlanta's Gift & Home Market

Building 2 , 18th floor CR Gibson Showroom

Dallas WorldTrade

CR GIbson Showroom August / June


Can be seen at tinagivenscouture.com and has been an amazing journey for TG. Always a passion of hers, she finally launched a small apparel group of her favorite pieces and currently sells to independent boutiques. Show dates for apparel include September & February Fashion Weeks in NYC, Los Angeles October & March.

Wholesale Ordering

Fabrics Westminster Fibers / FreeSpiritFabrics sales reps. To find your rep please visit freespiritfabric.com or contact WFI

For stationery Cid Pear is represented by One Coast. Please visit cribsondealer.com

Sewing Patterns can also be purchased directly from the design studio at 919.848.9400 or email info@tinagiven.com; also distributed by Westminster Fibers 866.907.3305 & Brewer.

Couture Call 919.848.9400.

Europe: Distributor Fabric & Patterns Germany

Coats Kenzingen

+49(0)7644 802 222

For stationery visit www.crgibsondealer.com to find a rep near you, and order a catalog.

To see more on Tina's couture world please visit tinagivenscouture.com,

and stationery at cidpear.com

919.848.9400 f919.573.9540 email: info @ tinagivens.com

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