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Imagery coming in July 2022. 1st shipment for the collection is OCTOBER 1-30th.

So make sure to add your shop to our list and get you scheduled to receive your collection.

Our new line, WINTER'S WOMAN is a statement collection for a classic, real and determined woman. She is comfortable in her own skin, self-aware, and has a love for life, family, and her close friends. She is magical, kind, strong yet gentle in her spirit. Humble, protective, and likes who she is!


These are spot buy add-ons of favorite year-round pieces. They do not disappear, we offer new colors but keep them pretty classic in tune with current collections.


This is for special occasions and garments made to order. We need your customer's size, measurements, and any specifics she would like to add. For weddings, anniversary parties, campaign celebrations, and any formal event. Make this special for her, because she is! Plus sizes welcome.

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          Collections since 2012, Tina Givens is a prolific maker of garments that are universal, classic, and animated, well made with embellishments using vintage finds, buttons, and the use of stitches as decorative elements. In the beginning, garments were surprisingly different and raw in organic fabrics. Shapes were layered to create a particular look. Since then this 'look' has become now the norm in many circles. Oversized dresses, slips, simple linen smocks, and gathered details on jackets and skirts.

        I stopped bigger production back in 2016 when I went through a personal life event that changed everything but continued to offer pieces randomly. Then COVID came and I decided to take a step back and focus on family, the studio, and my other businesses.

        After much reflection and a deep look at who and what is happening in the industry within a niche that is mine.  I want to offer a collection of high-quality garments that break through the clutter and the saturation of available production-based collections. Surprised at the prices of garments that are not well made, and produced en mass outside of the USA.


       I realized I needed to return to my roots in dramatic details, organic cloth, and tactile production methods. Inspired by my childhood in Africa surrounded by raw nature, handmade communities, organic cloth, and threads, I have created a new chapter in making. My contractors are artisans across the USA working for their family and welfare, yet with a passion for stitching and the creative process of producing beautiful things. This is my tribe. I am proud to support them, and experience much joy in my interactions with each and every one. My studio is bright and has a soft energy and my small staff manage the hand cutting and finishing of each piece. We have a great personal customer service team who will work you through your orders and encourage a collection for your shop to surprise and capture the attention of your customers.

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