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Treacle Slip is so simple yet so necessary. The perfect layering piece.

We have 2 black and 1 gray in stock.





Length 42"

Neckline 7" across, 6.5" deep

Shoulder width 1/2"

Width at breastline 42"

Hip 60"

Armhole deep 28"



Length 43"

Neckline 11" across, 8" deep

Shoulder width 1/2"

Width at breastline 48"

Hip 72"

Armhole deep 28"


X Large

Length 43"

Neckline 11" across, 8" deep

Shoulder width 1"

Width at breastline 49"

Hip 69"

Armhole deep 28"



TGC/3655 Treacle Silk Slip

  • Welcome to our Whoilesale Portal where you can place an order or reorder in the comfort of your hotel room, desk chair, sofa or in bed on your laptop! This will create a sales order for the pieces you select. You will be prompted to detail the sizes you wish for, and quantities of 2,3,4,5 and 6 per garment per color.

    This is an interactive process and we will be in contact to both clarify and confirm all details of your order.


    Please also state your requested SHIP DATE. Not to worry, we will again confirm this.


    Once you have gone through the entire process you will view your sales order in the shopping cart. And then you need to check out. Use a CODE at checkout WHOLESALES19 which will reduce your order to a 10% deposit of the whole order. This deposit is placed into escrow reserving your items for the specified ship date. When we ship we will request the remaining 90% of the order total.


    If you cancel your order over 90 days prior to the ship date, you will receive a full refund. If it is between 30 and 90 days, you will receive half of your deposit back; and if you cancel within 30 days of your shipment date, we reserve the right to keep your deposit to cover preparation and handling costs for your garments which will be placed into our inventory.


    Once you have paid your deposit, we will review your order and create a formal sales order for your approval, just to confirm we have all the details. 30 days prior to your shipment date we will contact you to remind you it is coming. And 3-5 days prior to your shipment we will call to confirm payment method for the delivery.


    Once you have your new items, please review each piece and make sure to return problematic items within 5 days of receipt for exchange or credit.*

    * We do everything possible to ensure your pieces have gone through our severe quality control system. If we have sent the wrong size, color or garment style, please contact us immediately so we can efficiently exchange the items for you.


    Our wholesale sales order system is propietory and we protect the identity and information of each of our customers. You are a valued business partner and we will go the extra mile to ensure your success with our products.


    We offer digital images of our garments and will send you websize images for your use on your website, social media and blog usage. By placing this order you will agree not to use the images without copyright identification '© Tina Givens', and use of the images will be strictly for marketing our products to your customers and followers.


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