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Tina Givens

Artist • Designer • Publisher • Fashion • Sewing Pattern Industry • Art Licensing • Art Mentor • Business Coach

Hi, my name is Tina Givens 

 I've been immersed in the realms of art and fashion design for most of my life. As an entrepreneur, I launched my first business into the stationery world.  We were the lead stationery vendor for Bloomingdales NY for several years. I embarked into licensing and my sweet watercolor characters and surface design covered products from giftware, paper goods, and textiles, even Christmas ornaments, various apparel manufacturers, and home dec textiles.

With my own signature textiles, I launched a sewing pattern business. Navigating technological advances and changes I pivoted many times to adapt to new customer preferences and offering products both in printed form and digitally.

My couture collections have shipped around the globe to unique independent clothing retailers who attracted the perfect niche customer to my makes. For a few years now I have taken a step backward in apparel manufacturing with the onset of competitors manufacturing off-shore resourcing fabrics and production pricing I could not compete with. Dedicated to maintaining a made-in-America business model, my garments are professionally and beautifully made with French seaming, hand-sewn buttons and embellishments. 

My professional background is anchored in business, sales, and marketing. Believe it or not, my academic foundation is in Business and Economics, despite my lifelong passion for fashion. After establishing a successful career in Advertising, Sales, Marketing, and Branding, I launched my first entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Today, I design and create sewing patterns for the home sewing market. We have over 200 published titles and 7 issues of our incredible magazine, SYCHIL, reaching a global market through print and digital options. I also run a ready-to-wear brand and operate a couture apparel studio for women's clothing, a venture I thoroughly relish. Our creations reach customers globally, either directly via our online platforms or through stores.

I have been involved with the quilting textile industry for a long time, and my journey took me through earlier years of licensing for It was a pleasure and I connected with amazing talented artists from around the world including Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, Brandon Maybly, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, and more. I went on to create a brand for a Midwest textile company, Midwest Textiles called RB STUDIOS as creative director and marketing advisor for a unique collection of global artists. I am now partnered with Benartex Fabrics owned by Bernina Sewing Machines and I am delighted to be working with them to bring my artful textile stories to life; devising a new apparel textile arm featuring fabrics and sewing machines for the Bernina brand.

My coaching life has brought me so much joy in working with aspiring fashion designers and independent pattern designers building their businesses. Sharing my knowledge and experience within multiple industries is a pleasure and I am at my best when mentoring others to find their dream careers.

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