Tina's approach to style is raw, layered, and deconstructed. With a subtle nod to historic generations, garments are modern, emotional, and poetic. Mostly monochromatic palettes mix with gentle color, always organic cloth and vintage findings. Tina's work is rooted in texture, tribal nuances, and simplicity in construction, with unexpected elements & details. These garments are pieces of art and are each made with care in the TG studio space.

Balancing sophistication and distressed raw edges and materials, natural fibers with earthy elements. Collections interact and attract empowered, confident women who appreciate individuality, craftsmanship, and unexpected design.

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Tina Givens is fundamentally a maker, creating her own garments, accessories, and home goods. Attracted to organic materials including cotton and linen, vintage and antique findings, and especially buttons, Tina's style formed from her love of these things.

As an artist, Tina plays a role in the textile industry for the quilting and home dec markets. Creating, mentoring, and curating artists from around the globe. Her home sewing collection of apparel patterns sell worldwide and she offers workshops in color and sizing/drafting for the self.


Spending her childhood in Africa until 17, Tina absorbed a unique perspective within a diverse and volatile atmosphere, and yet a beautiful and exotic environment. Her family heritage was from England and Cypress with an extraordinary view on art, culture, and family.

Tina is a maker and crafter. She is a surface designer in textiles, paper, and gifts. She is an apparel designer, quilter, and artist.

Apparel production for her couture collections has been maintained in the USA within small commercial sewing studios. Showing in New York, Chicago, Texas, and California among other avant-garde designers the lines were offered in over 120 stores. For a small boutique operation, it was a wonderful experience and brought great joy to Tina and her team.

2020 brings a break in production for the collection with Tina focused on bringing her love of apparel, design, art and 

These garments are beautifully made, uniquely designed with a relaxed nod to fashion with a focus on comfort, textiles, and personal style. My craft is definitely steeped in tradition from a family full of seamstresses and tailors; my dedication is to create individual pieces with care on our own soil.  We maintain responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices holding ourselves to the highest standards for quality. We are makers and educators, working to offer design, craft, and style. 



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