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TINA GIVENS DESIGN is a lifestyle company focusing on creating products for the person and the home through hand crafted artisanship, specific design with a point of view, utilizing new, natural, vintage and reclaimed materials.

Over the years, Tina Givens has developed a multi-fold organization producing a connected variety of products and partnerships.  Each division has individual specialties and needs, yet all operate under the same mission Our philosophy guides each arm and we work to achieve the same objective - creating beautiful, sophisicated, hand crafted products focusing on sustainability enriching our customers, community and co-workers. With a passion for the hand crafted and all things beautiful.



hand crafted

Man Sewing

We celebrate a hand crafted mission with passion and commitment to the products we produce, and offer. Each item is created by hand in the USA demonstrating unique skill and dedication.


fair & safe

Our studio is a busy hive of productivity and design. Our dedication to offering fair and creative work comes with enthusiasm and compassion. Whether working within the studio or as one of our team members working remotely, we encourage growth, skilled development and mentorship. 
We promote responsible and supportive production standards. Team members are creative, inspired, committed, dedicated and enthusiastic about their role with TGD.


We use natural fibers, organic waterbased inks and dyes in production. We purchase materials whether new, vintage or reclaimed responsibly with an awareness of who our vendors are and how they operate. We choose natural fibers and materials to celebrate living healthy and to encourage an all natural sustainable and beautiful lifestyle.

Our garments are made to wear and have the highest quality in stitches, cloth, embellishments and buttons.

If you think you would be a fit for our growing team we'd love to hear from you.



We manage a wonderful manufacturing process using artisan sewists from within the USA. If you professionally sew or a proficient and skilled garment sewer and would like to join our team - please contact us at

Download the APPLICATION and return it within your email.

We can't wait to hear from you!


We currently have openings for an in-house seamstress/seamster in our Michigan based studio.
Please email us at and tell us about yourself.

We seek someone who is passionate about sewing, will work with lead designer in making samples, and finishing garments.

If you are a hand stitcher and wish to join our team on a remote basic, please contact us.

Call  248.677.3704
Or contact us here through the CONTACT PAGE

Production Cutter

We need a textile cutter who can lay up and spread fabric, operate portable electric cutter. Arrange fabric rolls to be spread, adhere paper templates, cut multiple layers of fabric. Manage a clean and tidy cutting table and surrounding areas.
Must be able to differentiate proper material color, orientation and pattern, and have the ability to lift up to 40lbs, and manage rolls of fabric. Location: Clawson, Michigan.

Contact us at 248.677.3704




We are located in an open spaced studio in Clawson, Michigan. Our team is efficient, happy, and collaborative in all operations. 
TG is an effective team leader who welcomes input and best practices in organization, processes, team building, communications and encouragement for our TG family. 


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