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Each collection is offered to a wholesale market to independent retailer boutiques across the globe.

Sourcing sustainable and organic textiles curated by Tina, utilizing her artist hand in designing prints for garments and collections, and signature embellishment details.

Tina designs with her heart using textiles she is drawn to.  Whether solids for unique silhouettes or mixed prints in unique exclusive color palettes for each collection.

Sizing is easy, XS,S,M,L. Sizes are a little oversized for comfort and Tina's signature style.

Each garment is a piece of art for a selective and expressive woman.


Minimums: $1,000 first order

Minimum 2 pieces per SKU

Sizes: S,M,L,XL,2X

We ship domestically and internationally, pricing is to be finalized at the time of shipment.

Your order takes 4-6 weeks for 'immediates' or you can schedule as preferred.




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Apparel production for TG couture collections is special. We make everything in the USA within the TG studio and independent studios and individuals who are artisan seamstresses and seamsters. All right here at home. Showing in New York, Chicago, Texas, and California among other avant-garde designers the lines are offered in over 400 stores internationally.  For a small boutique operation, it is a great joy to design and deliver beautiful garments for your shop and customers.

Our new line, PETALS OF THE VALLEY includes linen and cotton pieces in both a soft palette and a neutral one with a pop of black and one color!





We celebrate talented craftsmanship with passion and a commitment to the products we produce. Each piece is carefully considered from inception, through the materials we use and methods we utilize in production. We are proud to demonstrate the incredible skills and dedication of each artisan and organization within our TG family. We produce a quantity of each style, but every item is hand-cut, sewn, finished, and tagged by an individual.  Our garments are almost one-of-a-kind in that they slightly vary from piece to piece. 




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