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All materials and methods utilized in our production and administration are carefully considered so as to shrink our footprint,  focus on organically produced materials and prevent waste. We use natural fibers, organic dyes and conscious processes. Less shipping, no synthetics, and less waste. We use organic water based inks and dyes; we purchase materials responsibly with research, partnering to eliminate waste in all areas. We recycle scrap by donating to children's 'make' organizations, quilting groups and foundations, and science museums. We choose natural materials and elements in our jewelry, found objects and vintage fibers.

We are celebrating the beauty of our world and strive to live and encourage a healthy, all natural sustainable lifestyle.



We celebrate talented craftsmanship with passion and a commitment to the products we produce. Each piece is carefully considered from inception, through the materials we use and methods we utilize in production. We are proud to demonstrate the incredible skills and dedication of each artisan and organization within our TG family. We produce a quantity of each style, but every item is hand cut and sewn, finished and tagged by an individual.  Our garments are almost one-of-a-kind in that they slightly vary from piece to piece. High End Couture pieces are signed, and made in limited quantities to ensure you are receiving a uniquely special piece.






Everything we make is designed, sampled, created, and shipped by a team of individuals we hold dear. We offer fair and generous wages, a creative and stress free environment with safe working conditions. We utilize a cottage - industry production model whereby our TG family work within our beautiful studio in Michigan, or within their own studios and facilities.  We encourage growth, compassion, skilled training and job-development promoting responsible and supportive production.

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